Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Find: Aylla

Lately I've been keeping my eyes peeled for cute clutches. Not necessarily to buy (I'm attempting to save money) but more as inspiration for a line of pouches I want to make to sell at craft shows (and so I can conveniently keep and use a few)! When I came across the great bags Aylla makes I fell in love! Take a look at a few of my favourites:

I love the little details (pleats, zipper pulls, etc) and amazing fabric she uses! If you've been a blog reader of mine for a while I'm sure you know how keen I am on linens! Her muted jewel tones are to die for (almost put an all too obvious pun in there...but resisted). The awesome staging and photos she takes also make her goods look fantastic! And (interestingly enough) when I went to check out her profile for further info it appears that she's favourited my love robot pocket mirror! Wow! Small world! What an honour! Now I just need to come up with bags as fantastic as the ones aylla makes...


  1. You can do it. You have the power. And now I'm super curious as to what pun you were going for. I'm dyeing to find out.

  2. Those are pretty cute. I don't like the lacy one though... I think notions are key to a strong clutch or pouch or whatever they're calling 'em these days...