Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Percy and the sink

Percy is an odd cat. He likes to lure people in with his cute fluffy looks and big eyes and then hiss and attack them - and he also really likes to drink water straight from the tap. Don't get me wrong - he'll drink from the bowl once in a while (if it is fresh and recently cleaned) but most days I'll find him meowing in the bathtub trying to get someone to turn the tap on for him. It makes me all cats do this? Is this some sort of ploy in their "you don't own my I own you" cat manual? Regardless, it is sort of an endearing quality for percy since he usually looks pretty cute right before and after getting a drink. Here's some cute percy photo proof:

Picture 1: Percy testing to see if the water pressure is suitable (must be a trickle but not too much or he'll get splashed). Note the kink in neck yoga move to reach the tap without stepping a pay into the sink.

Picture 2: Water pressure acceptable. Commence drinking. I took quite a few pictures to try to get one with his tongue out - it looks a lot grosser than it does in real life.

Picture 3: Om nom nom nom! Water was good!

Picture 4: Cuteness! Yes percy! You are adorable! Now I'll get our of your way before you bite me...

Clearly I spent way too much time today taking pictures of this cat. Oh well...I bet my mom loves this post...


  1. No mom OR sister to comment! Rats to their internet-less vacation time...

  2. Yeah! I love the Percy posts, he is so cute! He had fun at the lake. Mom

  3. Grr. That Percy. Just when I think I really hate him, he does something cute.

  4. My old cat Elvis would ONLY drink out of the bathtub or sink!