Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pocket Mirror Brainstorm

My adventures in pocket mirrors continue as I send a plea to you (my most appreciated readers) in helping me brainstorm what designs I should chose for my mirror restock! Let us begin our thought process by a little recap of what mirrors I made and how they've been selling. When I first started out I decided to chose 5 (of what I thought would be most popular) designs to sell in my etsy shop and keep the rest (the other 20) to sell at craft shows (just like I explained in this blog post). Based on some facebook feedback, these are the 5 mirrors I put up for sale in my shop:

Sophisticat sold almost right away and I ended up taking the duplicate copy (from my 20 craft sale mirrors) of the glassware to sell as a reserved listing to a buyer who messaged me about a bulk order of magnets. Good old love robot has made it into a whack of robot themed treasuries as well! Cool! Still leaving 4 of the 5 for sale on etsy. Not too bad for a slow sale part of the year. As for the rest of the bunch - they've been quite the popular item at my craft sales and I've managed to sell quite a few (including foxie, wheelie love robot, einstein, sophisticat, and cowboy cat). I also sold t-rex to the ever lovely ArtTales after a twitter session on pocker mirror designs! Awesome! I'd imagine they'd sell even better at a bigger craft show with more traffic! They also conveniently put those ikea stacking tins to use that I got back in may. Double win!

So the question remains - what designs should I use for my mirror restocking? The mustache cats certainly seem to be a hit with the kiddos (and awesome adults) so that's a given - but what other designs would you like to see in 2.25" mirror form? I have a request for a morel mirror from a mushroom obsessed kamloopsian - but any other ideas out there? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to refer back to this etsy listing for reference of my wide set eye smile illustrated friends too. Bonus marks for the most lucrative design ideas! Yay!


  1. Hi Kate!
    All of your designs are super cute! I think the owl would be an awesome mirror, as well as the geek pocket one!

  2. OoO! I think owl would be cute too! And the lil' buddy crab. He has a special place in my heart :)

  3. Is the mushroom-obsessed Kamloopsian Quinn?

    I think you should do more woodland creatures, especially pinecone. Pinecone! The acorns are super cute, and dinosaurs are always good.

  4. I love the Mushroom dudes! And I would love to see a fox pocket mirror too!