Monday, July 26, 2010

Bobbin Organizer Tutorial

When I came across this tutorial from kim of the sassy crafter I knew exactly who to post it for. Mom - your sewing room is a disaster and even though this won't keep your seam rippers and scissors from getting lost, it will certainly organize your bobbins for your new sewing machine! And hey - it looks pretty cool too:

What a great idea to use vinyl tubing as an organizational device and it looks really simple (but potentially painful for accident prone people like myself - sharp blades don't agree with me)! And I figured if my mom could use this DIY there must be loads of others out there looking for some cleaning and organizing inspiration! It is a useful tool for any sewer really, organized or not. Now to look for some of that tubing...


  1. Those are some definate man hands doing the cutting. It like kids crafts when they say "ask your mom/dad to do the cutting." (and then the parents actually doing most of the craft.) But more like "Now ladies, have your boyfriend use his muscles to slice the incredibly thick piece of plastic tubing." I guess that means I won't be doing this craft; damn my pansy hands, no muscles, and no bf.

  2. That's what Dads are for Lindsay!!!