Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies Please!

I try very hard to stay away from video games. I always seem to get suckered in with cute graphics and interesting plot lines and quickly convert to an irrational, obsessive game addict. It happened with Kirby's Dreamland, Escape from Monkey Island, My Tribe, and very much so happened with Plants vs. Zombies. Jimmy - why did you have to show me how cute the little pea shooters were on your iPhone? And I am a sucker for zombies...I mean look at those graphics:

How could I resist? And at such a reasonable price for my iPod! It was official. I was hooked. After playing the game nonstop for a few weeks (beating all the levels, unlocking all the extras, and getting all the trophies) I could move on. Success! Addiction over! But then my ipod crashed on me forcing me to reboot and inevitably lose all my saved PvsZ scores. Rats! Looks like it was time for me to start all over again. I must get this video game addiction from my mom - we'll see if you stop playing Dr. Mario when the batteries die on the gameboy this time mom (she's been saying that since xmas)...

I was extremely glad to find out that I'm not the only PvsZ addict out there and especially pleased to see the adorable game inspired plush Alix from arixystix has for sale on etsy! She even has a pea shooter pattern available! Check out this great picture she has of her creations from her blog:

Oh my those are darling! And what fantastic sewing skills! What fun! And although I am quite the advocate for PvsZ, be cautious - it is extremely addicting...


  1. The batteries did die and I am not putting new batteries in it. But what about neopets!!! Mom

  2. I definitely think you should buy the pattern. That peashooter would look darling draped in your jewelry collection! Or your scarf collection? Hoodie collection? Test tube collection?... :)

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