Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day Recap

For once I remembered to bring my camera out with me! And even if it wasn't the most successful of days (no bannock or crepes?), it was apparently photo worthy. So behold - my Canada Day highlights:

1) Crowds. Actually make that a lot of crowds! Celebrating Canada's birth certainly brings out the people!

2) Cranes. Okay - not exactly an integral part of my day, but I did think they made a nice picture. Fraser had a few of his paintings in the art booth too! Not as colourful as these paper birds though...

3) Daunting weather. A strong trend for this spring/summer for what is usually a desert climate. A refreshing break from the 40 degree July 1sts of the past (I do enjoy sweaters), but cut our park day a little short. Man it looks dismal.

and (of course)
4) Post bbq fireworks! I promise you they were much more impressive than this picture, but I am just not quick enough to capture fireworks in all their glory. That and we were up a huge hill avoiding the drunk teenage park scene so the angle was less than ideal. Still pretty though. Kamloops is so pretty!

So good day over all - and extra motivation to carry my camera with me more often! How did you celebrate July 1st (or 4th for any below the 49th)?


  1. Kate, I really like the photos of the fireworks and the cranes. We forgot to raise the flag at the lake on the first. Didn't blow the bugle either. My, we were forgetful as we meant to do both things. Mom

  2. My understanding is that Kamloops is traditionally not-that-warm on July 1st. I don't think it's ever been 40. That kind of weather usually comes at the end of July and start of August.

    Nice fireworks picture! No picture of Fraser's art?