Thursday, November 11, 2010

get creative with mae!

Australian fabric decal company mae lets you get creative with a whole bunch of different free downloadable wallpaper designs ripe for the taking:

Perfect to print and use to cover books, jars, pencils, your cat, you name it! The possibilities are endless! I combined the granny floral in the top left corner with a paper doily I saved from my hotel room this past weekend to cover possibly the ugliest thing in my kitchen:

Yup. Walmart brand fish food isn't exactly the most beautiful thing to look at but my fishes need to eat! So enter the items from above, some snips and a glue stick and voila:

Hooray! Much better! (Also further supporting my old lady ways...) What would you use the printouts for?


  1. How cute. Much more clever than just wanting a bigger kitchen with space to hide everything :)

  2. Now I want to decorate my fish food :D