Wednesday, November 10, 2010


As you may recall, I held a discussion on crafting burnout on the blog a while back and was so pleased with the feedback and comments that I thought it would be a great idea to start another! Today let's discuss a problem that plagues the world (or at least me) - procrastination!

First off I must say it is pretty suiting that I originally planned on writing this post on september 12th and it has been saved in my drafts since then...but since I recently suffered from last minute craft cramming for the fabulous finds show I figured it is time to revisit the topic! Oh procrastinating - we all do it (some more than others) but when it comes to crafting and deadlines I always mange to come up with several other things I need to do before starting a craft project such as:

1) if I just clean the house I will be much more focused to get to work
2) I definitely need to use this micheals coupon before it expires so I'll just stop by there for a bit
3) clean clothes will remedy this situation - laundry time
4) there isn't enough food in the house. I need nutrition. Time to go grocery shopping and cook a three course meal
5) perhaps the internet will inspire me....

I'm sure you get the point, and can come up with your very own convincing ideas of what you need to do before you can get down to work. It's like I get pulled into a "procrastinate and waste time because you don't think you have long enough to get everything done on time but you totally would have if you'd just started when you thought of it" trap! It quickly becomes a wicked cycle of excuses that leads to some level of panic. Actually one of my sister's favourite blogs (hyperbole and a half) explains it quite well:

I also really like the part in that post where the girl gets violently beaten down by her looming responsibility but I think it might be a little too dramatic for my crafting procrastination woes. After all - if I don't finish a craft the only one that suffers is me (oh and maybe the potential receiver of my goods) but yeah, not exactly a huge deal...Even though I know I am truly the only person to blame for any procrastination that happens in my life I'd love to think the increasing laziness of our society has something to do with it....

I find when procrastination gets me down it is time to write a list! Lists are an awesome tool to overcome evil wasting time demons by: (yes a list about lists)

1) letting me prioritize what I need to do and what is actually important
2) allowing me the intensely amazing satisfaction of being able to cross items off as I complete them (oOoO and even violently crumple up and toss when I'm done the whole list!!)
3) (most importantly) it lets me get all the tasks I'm responsible for finishing out of my head and down on paper so I can stop stressing and just get working! Hooray!

Hyperbole and a half sums it up quite well yet again:

The satisfaction in a job well done and a completed to do list eventually becomes the ultimate motivation for me to get to work and I think I just need to remind myself of how rad it feels to successfully finish things! It is decided - next time I find myself bogged down by deadlines I will take action! Write a list, limit distractions, and get down to work! I'd really like to set the goal of getting everything finished and ready for the next craft show I do a good week before the actual sale. That way I'd have loads of time to relaxingly do any finishing touches at my leisure (and get a good nights sleep before heading out!) Perfect! Now I just need to set these goals for all the deadlines in my life (perfect example = xmas shopping)! So we'll see how it pans out for me...

But it leaves me wondering -how do you deal? Do you chronically suffer from procrastination? How do you overcome that all too appealing laziness and rise to the challenge? Any tips and tricks on mastering deadlines? And how early do you finish your xmas shopping...


  1. This is a big post. I'll read it later.
    But it's awesome.

  2. I think I will procrastinate and read this long blog later! Mom

  3. I am a chronic sufferer. I don't deal with it--I put things off so long that quite often the thing I should be doing is no longer relevant...which sort of makes me wonder if "lazy" is right word...maybe "efficient" is more accurate.

    I sort of get a bit of a kick out of putting things off... I am not sure how to explain that but it is almost like I feel a sense of reckless disregard...sort of like waiting until the last possible moment to get on a train before it pulls away.

    I don't procrastinate at work though...or at least not important things...I only tend to do it in my personal life, where I can get away with it more...

    Cute blog, by the way!

  4. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

    Seriously, procrastination sucks and hyperbole and a half is awesome. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to marking, which makes my life awful come report card time.

    Questions: What is a three course meal? Have you ever actually cooked one? What did you cook?

    Now, time to go finish that drawing of a pterodactyl I've been working on (or is it a knitting project that Jean will outgrow before I finally get working on it again?).

  5. I consider myself a procrastinator, but I would also never leave things until the last minute. My best friend used to do all-nighters to pull off an essay, where I'd be done a few nights before.
    I tend to bite things off in small, doable chunks, and start weeks in advance (or months, depending on what we're talking about!).
    Christmas shopping is almost always done well in advance. I shop throughout the year. Not on purpose, just pick stuff up as I see it. I hate the malls, that's why!!

  6. BTW, I am totally procrastinating RIGHT now... I know I have lots to do, but I am here, on your blog...