Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tree Branch Table!

When I lived in nelson many moons ago they had a coffee table in a gallery there made entirely from tree branches. It was amazing and very much out of any price range I'd ever imagine I could afford. Luckily man made diy shared a tutorial for a much more affordable homemade version:

And still eye catching! I love it when you can add some natural rustic elements into home decor! I think if I attempted this one it would be neat to have the whole thing covered with those tree ring slices! Then you could put a piece of glass over the top and the surface would be smooth (unlike the table appears above) and still have the same feel. Cool! I think my milk-crate covered in padding and denim will do the trick for me while I'm still renting but perhaps once I venture into house buying I'll revisit this one. What do you think of it?


  1. It looks like a lot of work. You would need a table saw to even attempt it. Mom

  2. I think it would be cool to fill a frame with the ends of branches as an art piece, but I wouldn't want it as a coffee table. Too much vacuuming up little bits of bark, I think. You could totally make it into a framed piece on the wall though.

  3. i like the cubic idea of one that is completely covered with the round bits.
    maybe a milk crate could just be sided with scraps of laminate flooring?