Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snowy Welcome!

Since we (canadians) celebrated thanksgiving back in october, we don't have the crazy kickstart to xmas shopping that those to the south have with black friday! With no landmark date to jump us into holiday mode it is easy to procrastinate preparations and end up doing it all last minute (ick)! I suppose you could base things on the grey cup...but who really cares about canadian football? (Seriously - not me) I've definitely been thinking about xmas shopping for the last few weeks but procrastinating was certainly more tempting - but there is nothing like a festive winter snowfall to change that! The balmy kamloops fall weather is a thing of the past and hello cold snap! And snow! And holiday inspiration! Take a peek at the glorious winter wonderland outside my front door this morning:

Okay. So that was yesterday morning (since I pre-schedule blog posts and all...) but isn't it great! And heck the roads aren't even too bad! How pretty! Even check out those snow covered mountains you can see from my back porch:

And blue skies to boot! Now I'm fully motivated to gear into full speed holiday cheer and get preparing! Lists are made, presents are half purchased, and pomtastic decorating is on the agenda! Hooray! What gets you pumped about the holidays? Any snow where you are?


  1. our snow is nearly all melted from the rain yesterday, now all the leaves I haven't raked up (and probably won't get around to raking up) are mocking me from under the lilac bush and maple tree.

    Getting into the holiday spirit is super easy when you have a 4 year old who has been talking about what she wants for X-mas since about mid August in your home. As for our shopping we have a short list of what we'll be giving, most of it Handmade from Etsy sellers and we'll probably put off buying for each other a little longer.

    Your winter wonderland is beautiful

  2. jealous of your beautiful blue skies! i am enjoying the snow here in kelowna but the grey skies - ugh... only 3-4 more months of them left i suppose ;)

  3. My snow-capped mountain is bigger than yours is :) Neener neener! Haha.

    Nice shots. The roads look completely bare to me! I haven't really started thinking about Christmas shopping yet, though they did do a version of Black Friday here in Smithers called "Christmas in the Valley" and all the stores on Main Street and area stayed open until 11pm. I, of course, still went to bed at 8:00, otherwise I would miss the part of the night where the baby is sleeping and have a terrible sleep myself. Boo!


    I think lots of people like the Grey Cup. Weirdos.

    Pomtastic... isn't that a kind of juice? There might be copyright infringement issues if you choose pomtastic. Maybe pomderful or pomtacular would work!