Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Road Trip: Vancouver

Just as I mentioned on saturday, lindsay and I made a return trip down to vancouver to see yet another concert! It turned into another amazing whirlwind one night stay with loads of laughs, memories, and (of course) the lovely music of dan mangan! Big highlights of the trip included:

1) Winter! Where did you come from? Oh right..the high elevation cold wet weather of the coquihalla! It was so pretty and the roads weren't even that bad! Woo!

2) Amazingly fun shopping with quinn! Just check out those rows of sequins:

So good! I managed to contain my crafting excitement and just took home a pom pom maker (the 3rd one I've come across). I am definitely excited to see how quinn's sequin projects turn out too...

3) Concert! Amazingly fantastic dan mangan concert!!!

Dan was awesome as always and this performance was particularly exciting with an extra six person strings section to amp up the fun! It appears as though every time I see dan he keeps adding members to his band. First time in victoria he was solo, in kelowna he had a three member band, and then in vancouver there were ten of them!! Well eleven at one point...and fourteen come encore. So much to absorb! So much awesome! If you ever get a chance to see him live snap up that opportunity. You won't be disappointed. I promise...oh..and no sign of the buttons I gave him last year...but there is still time...


  1. It's nice to get away unless it is foot or toe related. My next trip is mid December and hopefully I can get rid of this cumbersome boot!! Mom

  2. Woo! Dan Mangan's a Smithereen, just like Jean! He's got a better beard, but she's cuter and probably louder too...

    How goes the Xmas shopping? Get any done in Vancouver?