Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Take

A few months ago my fashion forward friend lucas (too bad your name didn't start with an F for added alliteration) was telling me how recycled jersey cotton scarf/necklaces where sure to be the next big thing as far as the trends go! Ever since then I've been dying to get my hands on some old shirts to make one out of! (Which, by the way, probably won't be for a while since I cut up all my old clothes to make rag rug that is very much still a work in progress....). Anyways, since I am all about the DIY's I quickly fell in love with isly's new take on the jersey scarf/necklace thing with her tutorial for a braided edition:

Looks great! I especially love her tutorial with it's clear directions, tons of step by step well lighted pictures, and after shots! I also really like the colours she chose for her jersey necklaces and totally want to just go buy a shirt to make one out of! Unless any of you have some old clothes perfect for refashioning? Jersey DIY night anyone?


  1. To bad I don't wear t-shirts. Mom

  2. Why don't you make them out of jersey scarves?

    Flucas? Sounds like a good name to me!

    Also: You were working on that rug when Jean was born. She's now 9 weeks old. How many times have you remade it since you were here?

  3. i guess i did say that about scarves. it must have been because i did so much awesome tie-dying and then realized the tee-shirts were wayyy too big. luckily, a scarf tutorial might be just the thing to put off essay prep and exam revision for a while longer