Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crochet Rocks!

I've been in love with the wonderful crochet covered rocks of margret's for quite some time! She's the genius behind resurrection fern (that sweet cat loving blog I wrote about months ago) and also runs the etsy shop knitalatte where she sells photos of her creations! In fact, I even purchased this lovely picture and got it framed for lindsay's house warming:

What a talented lady! They are pretty much like doilies for your rock collection and we all know how much I enjoy doilies... Well your wait for your very own crochet covered stone is over since margret was kind enough to share a tutorial on how to make them over at the purl bee! Check these babies out:

Doesn't look overly complicated and I already know how to crochet! Hooray! Now to find spare time and get to work! Fun!


  1. The crochet rocks are great but I keep my rock collection outside for all to see. Okay, it just looks like random rocks but I do like finding interesting ones. Mom

  2. Now those are some doilies I can get behind!

  3. That's such a totally random idea, but pretty!