Thursday, November 4, 2010

crafty preparation - part IV

I can't believe how quickly time flies! It feels like I was just signing up for the fabulous finds craft show the other day and it is already almost here! Eep! Time is running out! The show is tomorrow! And even though I've tried to get an early start on my goods for the sale, as always I am doing the last minute scramble! I was hoping to get one more new handcrafted project up on the blog for you to check out, but unfortunately that endeavor is still in progress (in fact I bet I'm madly sewing them together as you read this!). But not to worry! I will get done whatever I can and be all packed and ready for the show tomorrow evening. I've even got my lighting figured out (hooray!) thanks to one wonderful boyfriend (thanks fraser). And as a bonus my moo products arrived yesterday (early!) just in time to add to my product line! Behold -

Restocked art/post cards:

More freebie mini moo bookmarks:

And (so excited) my new addition...

Stickers! Finally available in north america! Woo! I got a plethora of my illustrated friends printed up into ultra fun stickers and am going to sell them in little sheets (of 3 stickers - just like my buttons) for a buck. Take a look:

OoOOh! I'm so happy with how these turned out and I figure if they don't sell I can always give them out as freebies with etsy orders or something. Now I just need to figure out some way to display them! Any suggestions?


  1. don't sell them all out as I would like to buy some.... now which ones do I like best......... Mom

  2. Those stickers will totally sell. People are suckers for stickers! They're such a good addition to your lineup too, since the hard work only has to be done once, and then you can reorder as often as you like. I'm glad I suggested them! (I sure hope they sell!)

    Jean will take one of each set :)

  3. Stickers are a BRILLIANT idea. I hope they sell super well. Were it me, I'd also make them a free giveaway once you spend X amount of dollars... just make X about two dollars more than the average purchase price at your shop. :)