Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello November! A month full of my big craft show (so excited), crazy preparation for xmas, a trip back to vancouver to see Dan Mangan, another trip to vancouver with fraser & his mom, a new blog playlist, and (of course) a much anticipated new kittens inspired by kittens calendar page:

I think this might be my favourite of the whole calender - and is really making me sad that the year is almost over! Quinn - not sure how you'll top that one. I am really looking forward to a busy month and I'm even hoping to finally get around to taking you on a blogging tour of my new(ish) residence! At last! Oh! And throw a belated house warming in there and we'll be set! Busy times! Oh! And stay tuned - double blog posts today (this one and another at 7am)! Happy November!


  1. I know amanda is the cake whiz, but I have one I REALLY want to make. REALLY REALLY REALLY!

  2. You should do a blog post about "Movember" because you love mustaches and our uncle had prostate cancer.

    Those kitties are the cutest. Maybe the Jean-themed calendar I might get around to making will be just as good?