Sunday, November 28, 2010

Waxy Poms!

To continue on with my pom pom holiday trend I thought I'd share yet another pom-tastic tutorial the girls over at nice package have so kindly put together! If you're not a yarn fan - perhaps you enjoy the wax paper pom! Just check out it in all its opaque glory:

Perfect for holiday package decorating, or even (my personal fav) on a string of xmas lights! What fun! Now to find some spare time amidst all my crazy holiday preparations to whip up a few of these! What would you use them for?


  1. I do love the lights. I would probably use it for color-themed outdoors wreath. Take the colored waxed paper and plain white and whip up a few of each kind and different sizes and string it to a frame for an outdoor wreath. Can continue that theme onto the tree or place some on the holiday table. Now, on to find my free time :)

  2. I really like the look of this pom pom but how hard is it to make? Mom

  3. how do you feel about wax paper with crayon shavings melted in it?
    perhaps formed into a wreath?


  4. 'flucas' is a genious, lets make like grad one and shave those crayons (with adult supervision).

  5. I heart Flucas's idea too. You could melt the crayon shavings using a magnifying glass, Shuswap style.

  6. Also, that is very pretty. Tres chic!