Monday, November 15, 2010

DIY Pom Pom headband

Last friday I posted about the wonderful designer I met at my craft show last week and her fantastic creations! Of course you will not forget her fantastic pom pom pompadour (in cilantro) I thought was super fantastic:

That picture actually really reminds me of my friend amy who is extremely good at keeping a straight face in silly situations. I also really enjoy bobbi's description of her creation, "This pom pom is huge and so scrummy. It stays on your noggin with a yarn wrapped headband and gives you some serious added height. Made from a wool/acrylic blend yarn." Well! To my surprise sonia rykiel (a french fashion designer) also does the giant pom pom headband (so no mocking - it's high style!) :

And to top off the pom pom fun 'out of order' even did a tutorial on how to recreate your very own! And all for about $4! I think it is time for me to get pom pom making! Anyone care to join?


  1. Well, what can I say? I wonder how many balls of woo it took to make one? Mom

  2. opps! I mean balls of wool. Mom Well, maybe woo would be nice too, does it come in balls?

  3. Hehe. Mom stole my comment!

    Also, I think you can get calls of woo at Michael's. Be sure to take the 50% off coupon!