Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pom Holiday

Amidst all the hectic crafting I've been doing over the last few months (for craft show, xmas sales, and custom orders) I find myself craving pom poms more and more! I really want to figure out a way to get more time out of the day so I can sneak some pom pom decorating into the holiday season! Look how adorable this pom pom garland is from millalove:

Handmade decorations are the best - especially when they involve pom poms! In fact - I think I am going to make 2010 my "year of the pom pom" and try to come up with some interesting pom related decorations for my house! After all, this will be my first year with an entire rental to make festive and so far that string of lights I got for my craft show is all the decoration I've got! Whew! Can't believe that december is so close around the corner? How do you plan on decorating this year?


  1. I thought you only had the top floor?

    I don't plan on decorating at all. I plan on coming to your decorated house. Better get pompom making! Hey! I didn't know that pompom was spelled all as one word. Thank goodness for Google spell check, eh? They even told me that Google needs a capital G. Speaking of capitals, I know it's part of your style and all, but I really think you should use more caps. At least on names and months. December is such a sweet month that it really deserves the respect inherent in the capital D.

    Oh yeah, and pompom garlands would be a lot easier to make if you had a whole bunch of homemade pompoms already hanging around. Those things take lots of yarn and time to construct, and making a luscious garland might take from now until next Christmas at my speed!

  2. Eep! Christmas is speeding our way! I think I should chain myself to my sewing machine and get some presents made ... or maybe I'll play my favorite game on neopets. Mom

  3. Oh, this is very cheerful! I've always loved bunting, but this is even fuzzier. Love it!

  4. i will bring my DVDs of Black Books, and we will pompoms make. So many pompoms that Leslie won't even be able to see your house because it will be full of POMTASTIC CHEER!

  5. that pom pom garland is too cute!!!