Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Find: made by human hands

I met so many awesome crafty folk at the fabulous finds craft show this past weekend that I thought I'd share some of my favs during my friday finds segment I do here on the blog! This week is the wonderful Bobbi who sat directly behind me at the show. She is a super talented design school dropout with awesome bizarre taste and attention to detail! She runs two etsy shops "made my human hands" (which I'm featuring today) and "search and rescue" (full of vintage goodies). Take a look at some of her rad items:

The head pieced might be a little more difficult to pull off but I'm sure a few of my fantastic friends could do it. I especially love the giant pom pom pompadour in the top left corner. At the sale she had a more subdued minty ice blue one with two poms I drooled over and really wanted to buy for quinn (seriously quinn you would rock it). It also gave us the lovely opportunity to bond over our love for building the perfect pom and (the next day) we even discussed doilies! What a gal! And if outlandish accessories aren't for you she has quite the selection of cowls and scarves to chose from too! Yet again making me wish I could knit (and had time for it!). What do you think?


  1. oh! she's closed her store until December. Forced Frugality, I suppose.

  2. I think you will learn how to knit when I visit in December/January.