Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fabulous Finds - day two!

Today is my second day at the fabulous finds craft show in kelowna! (We're open 10 -4 if you're in the area!!!) I am internet free and (hopefully) super busy with much craft sale success so instead of a long winded post about something I thought was cool on the internet - here is a picture of percy:

What a sweetie! He is sitting/sleeping directly in front of the heat vent by the bathroom sink. Do all cats do this? I sure do and I'm not even feline...


  1. Percy is so cute! I love to see him happily enjoying the heat vent. Mom

  2. Good luck to you today, and have fun! ^_^

  3. I think his cuteness is all a front, like a shabby Chinese buffet with Porshes and Ferarris in the parking lot.