Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Find: scientific culture at fabulous finds!

Yup - the big day is finally here! My first large scale two day craft show starts tonight and ready or not I'll be there! And I figured since all I've done is prepare for this show for the last month I will have this week's find as me! and my wares for my craft show! Let's take a peek at my line up:

1) pinback buttons and magnets - my etsy shop staple, lots to chose from, loads in stock

2) coffee sleeves - showing off my mad embroidery skills and your love for hot caffeinated drinks!

3) plush microbes - because everyone wants chlamydia for xmas this year...

4) fabric rings - bright, cheery, and a low price point for the thrifty shopper

5) button clutch - giving you even more reason to stock up on buttons!

6) felt flower brooches - one item I have never actually managed to sell at any craft show...we'll see how they do this time...

7) pocket mirrors - my best seller from my summer of bizarre bazaars is back in full force for the stocking stuffer crowd!

8) art/postcard sets - fun to frame or post!

9) mini moo bookmarks - a big hit with the kiddos and a nice freebie for large orders!

10) mustache on a stick - silly, amusing, and a perfect way for the facial hair impaired to celebrate movember

11) stickers - everyone loves stickers!

12) felt earrings - loads to chose from + positive fan feedback = good seller?

13) tea cozies - my higher price item! Tons of work but super fun! Way to keep those tea pots warm guys!

and....*drumroll please*...

14) little pouches and clutches!!! made from the highest quality suitings salmon arm has to offer these babies have been on the back burner of my mind for far too long. I love the cotton lace detail (almost doily-esque?) and great textures. Oh, and most definitely the reason for my sleep deprivation (hence the sad awful lighting 1am picture). I promise they are cute in real life!

Yay! I've loaded up my totes and am on my way for the show! We're open 4 -9 pm tonight if you're around. Heck mention this blog post and I'll even throw in something extra for you! Wish me luck!


  1. Did you find the fabric, then? And how much of the sewing of those clutches did Mom do? :P Everything looks great! I'd be there if I could. You should do a craft show in Dec/Jan so I can bring Jean. Or maybe I'll just bring her to work to visit you. If you're lucky she'll be screaming like she is right now...

  2. Beautiful! I just love everything you make! You are very, very talented! :) Good luck this weekend! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm excited for the day that I get brave enough to do this.

  3. You ARE right! Everyone loves stickers!
    The wonderful yeti just made me laugh again...
    Good luck with the show! Everything here is super great!

  4. Wow. That is a beautiful collection of stuff. You must do very well at these craft fairs. I have just remembered that I have a button making machine I got years ago as a kid and may bring it back into use!

    Also those tea cosys are lovely. They would make a perfect Christmas present for a friend of mine. Will you be putting any on your etsy shop? I just looked and couldnt see any.