Wednesday, November 3, 2010

crafty preparation - part III

Another day closer to my craft show - and another new craft to add to my table! This time I thought I'd try something just for fun - mustaches on sticks! I saw mustache suckers back in october while searching around the internet and thought it would be neat to make some of my own out of felt (or course) with a little stuffing and handsewing skills! Oh my! And conveniently allows those unable to grow facial hair (such as myself) to join in on movember! And so many different mustaches to chose from:

These were totally a blast to whip up and even more fun to try on! They also allowed me to jump on the mason jar trend bandwagon since they look so great in glass!

Woo! Now I just need to figure out pricing and I'm set! Only two more days to go until the sale...and so much to do! Which is your favourite 'stache?


  1. liking the droopy biker style, now if there were any way to add a goatee to it or a soul patch...

  2. This also lets people who aren't allowed to grow facial hair in on Movember. :D


  3. Love them! I'm actually working on a Movember craft project this week, too. Why should we be left out just because we can't grow a mustache? ;)

  4. I like the Movember angle - you should make a sign for your table!

    I like the top right one best. It reminds me of Sgt.Pepper or something.

    Keep working on growing facial hair! You'll get there someday!

  5. I just came across your work and it is amazing! So cute, I love it all :)