Tuesday, March 1, 2011


February is a deceivingly short month. The past 28 days seemed to just fly by and finally we're onto the month of spring! I'm hoping the old wives' tale doesn't come true this march and this month will come in and go out as a lamb - but I certainly enjoy the lamb/lion pairing on my calendar:

March promises to be a super awesome month with a whole slew of happenings including:

1) a new march soundtrack (featuring some new favourites)

2) mother mother's new album "eureka" comes out (which I may have a sneak copy of and absolutely love)

3) the first day of spring! (and not a moment too soon - goodbye winter)

4) my sister's 30th bday (what in the world am I going to get her/I hope you like belated presents les)


5) my fabulous finds craft show! hooray! take a peek at the fabulous poster:

Eee! I'm so excited (slash super stressed out about all the crafts I need to get done in time)! I'm aiming to have the majority of my preparations done by about the 18th leaving a week to do some final touch ups. That is a pretty bold goal (judging by how little I have done at this point) but I am always up for a challenge! What does march hold for you?


  1. It MUST be the best month of the year seeing that Leslie and I were born in March.


  2. Good luck with the craft show! Another good thing about March is Daylight Saving Time and St. Patrick's Day :)

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Do you think that Mom has noticed yet that I wrote "Leslie's 29th Birthday" on her calendar when I was visiting at Christmas? Hehehe.

    Belated birthday presents are fine by me. So are belated International Women's Day presents (aka Neal's birthday) and belated 4th anniversary presents (aka St. Patrick's Day). It's -22 here this morning but sunny. Do you think that's a lion or a lamb?

  4. Post script: Lindsay's TOTALLY right. TOTALLY.

  5. (ppsssssssst! You forgot one little thing! The Dodo's "no colour" is released the same day as Eureka! It's gonna be, like, a music extravaganza!)

  6. EEEP! I must get out there and shop!!! Ideas Leslie? Mom