Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today is my dear sister's 30th birthday and instead of a regular blog post I've decided to make one dedicated to her! Okay...that and I don't have a huge amount of time allotted to writing blog posts while I am frantically crafting up a storm. So let's celebrate 30 years of leslie with 5 fun facts about my sis:

1) Leslie is fun to dress up and go dancing with...or just dress up and pose for pictures!

2) Leslie loves agates!

3) Leslie makes super awesome yarn crafts!

4) Leslie is a great kitchen dancing companion!

and 5) Leslie has one cute baby!

Hehehe! Ok - so by "fun facts" I really meant "five facts that I had pictures supporting on my computer", but that was fun wasn't it? Happy bday les!


  1. She is a great daughter as well! Mom Happy Birthday Leslie! Call you this afternoon.

  2. Sheesh - can't you count? I'm CLEARLY only 29...

    Nice dance montage! Those were some fun times! Jean is pretty cute, too; I agree.

    *sigh* *sniff, sniff* So old.