Sunday, March 13, 2011

eye pad

I used to suffer from migraines quite often. I'm sure anyone who's ever had one of those "I want to curl up and cry in the dark under the blankets" headaches would agree that one migraine is too many, but trust me, they aren't pleasant. Luckily I've been able to ward off my headaches by cutting down on gluten (evil, evil, delicious gluten) but before I figured out a diet to cope with the problem - I would try just about anything.

One remedy I still find useful for de-stress/de-headach-ing is a "bubu bag" from elemental botanicals. It's basically like a rectangular magic bag filled with flax, rice, lavender, mint, and some essential oils. You can pop it in the microwave or keep it in the freezer and then carefully place it over your eyes for instant head relief! And although elemental botanicals (a super awesome local company) lists off tons of other uses I really enjoy their product for headaches. Fraser calls my bubu bag my "eye pad" (since it is pad like and for my eyes) and is a convenient play on words for the iPad (which I also own - so it is much more confusing if I ask for either). Anyways, rambling aside, I came across a tutorial to make your very own flax filled eye pillow over at sew tara and thought I'd have to share it (and my story) with you. Take a look:

Isn't it fun? And as and added bonus it lets you use up all those little odds and ends of spare fabric you have around the house (think of how many you could make mom!). Even though I'm very satisfied with my eye pad from white lake I think these would be fun to make as a quick gift. I mean who doesn't want fewer headaches and less stress? prepared for kate made eye pads for xmas this year...


  1. With all the fabric in my sewing room I bet I could make a million of them! Mom

  2. I have one from the body shop that's filled with barley and lavender. I use it during savasana in yoga. Try cutting out citrus for your migraines. That is apparently one of the big three (citrus, caffeine, and alcohol).