Tuesday, March 15, 2011

even more crafty preparation!

My preparations continue for my big craft show on the 25th and 26th and even though I told myself I'd get everything done early, I am (as always) feeling the last minute rush! I always find it difficult to try to decide how much product to make and bring with me. On the one hand I don't have an enormous amount of time/supplies/space on my table for a huge amount of items but on the other I want to have enough to keep my customers happy (and maybe even make a smidge of a profit)! One item that was really popular at my last fabulous finds show was my embroidered coffee sleeves (in fact I sold out) and even though I whined about the idea of remaking them (they are so much work) I thought I'd compromise with myself and remake a handful of them! Take a peek:

Oh wonderful coffee sleeves! You are so adorable! I waffled over throwing some new designs I've been brainstorming in there but with my time crunch I decided to go with old faithful (meaning flowers, caffeine, and love robots)! I really like how the sleeves are quirky, unique, useful and let me showcase my handcrafted felt embroidering skills. They are also a nice mid level priced item perfect for the mid level buyer! I'm also working on making some higher level felt embroidered/sewn items but I'll show those to you once they're done. Oh! And I've also picked up a few supplies for a few new items I've decided to make for the show - can you guess what they're going to be?

Okay - pretty easy guess. Hair clips and hair bands don't really leave much up to the imagination but I'm hoping they will turn out really well (and be a wonderful spring hit!). I also really wanted to show off my doily paper edge punch I got. I am so excited to work that into my packaging and really make this craft sale a nice fresh spring version of my table from the winter sale! Woo! Now to get back to work...and if you aren't sure about attending and are in the area - check out the facebook page for more details and I'll see you there (I hope)!


  1. the coffee sleeves are too cute :)

  2. Phew! That was a lot of text to say "I'm selling coffee sleeves and hair accessories."
    Good thing I'm loyal and read (mostly) the whole thing.

  3. Hehe :) Lindsay's funny!

    I'm so excited to see the hair thingies!!!

  4. I think the hair clips will be nice, but I don't have enough hair to clip back. Mom

  5. Those coffee sleeves are awesome! I'm struggling a little bit right now with deciding what to make for craft shows, too. I can't decide if I should make a bunch of everything just in case or not. Decisions, decisions. :)