Monday, March 14, 2011

get better already!

When the end of winter finally blesses us with its presence (about time!) it always seems like a whole slew of illness comes with it. It must be all the dust and mold in the air or something but getting the flu is no fun. Since I've managed to ward off illness so far this winter I thought I'd help sympathize with all you sickies out there by sharing a few "get well soon" tutorials I'm in love with from the spotted fox! Fun!

Tutorial #1: tea bag tags

Aren't they darling? Perhaps not the most difficult or brilliant craft project ever made, but it adds a nice touch of warm sentiment you need when you're feeling under the weather. Oo! Plus it lets you use your pinking shear paper scissors! All you need is some paint chips from the hardware store, your favourite "get better" tea, and some imagination. I think they'd fit in perfectly with a sick day care package (perhaps with a scrap busting eye pad I talked about the other day) or just as a good will message when you deliver some tea to your sick pal. And if they are anything like me, a few days after the mass delusion/illness passes and they're ready to clean up their disaster area of a house they can come across the used tea bags and see how kind you were to them! Brownie points! Yay!

Tutorial #2: peppermint bath soak

Another simple yet effective project - this peppermint bath soak is sure to please! Nothing clears up the sinuses quite like some strong mint and a hot steamy bath and you can rescue all your congested friends with one simple craft! All you need is a nice jar (like the million pesto jars we have laying around our house), epson salts, essential oils, and some mint leaves! Voila! I also enjoy adding a little lavender in there for good stress releasing measure. Plus you can stretch your creativity and decorate the lid of the jar with a nice heartwarming message (or doily). Perfect.

Now I just need to find some sick friends to bestow all my newly crafted "get better" goods on! Okay, not until after my craft show when I have spare time again. Stay healthy until the 27th please....

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  1. Jean has a stuffed up nose. I kid you not. I'm totally going to try making those bath salts if I can find essential oils. Think the health food store would have them?