Sunday, March 27, 2011

Geometry for the win!

If you haven't already seen this tutorial, it is certainly one worth checking out! Geometric shapes and patterns are climbing the charts of fashion popularity and no better way to jump on the trend train then to make your very own geometic necklace! Just check out how awesome it looks:

Cool! It's a super simple project just requiring some chain, polymer clay, and a blade! I think I'll skip the glitter and maybe paint each fact of the shape a different springy colour for the ultimate in home made accessories! Heck I bet I can scrounge up all the supplies in my crafting nook too! I'll let you know how it goes...any other takers?


  1. That is just your style. Can't wait to see the results...... okay, maybe you will need a rest after you weekend of craft show. Mom

  2. I will maybe give it a try - and take photos while I do, so you can post them on yer blogg?

  3. I am getting concerned with the growing list of projects I want to do and don't know WHEN to do- I definitely want to see yours though!

  4. This looks fun, but I think it is one of those crafts that would follow the lines of how you cook...
    "Lets make this, he are the instructions"
    "I don't have everything I need"
    "I think I might like an acorn instead of a geometric shape"
    "I really like the idea of a bowl of acorns, maybe I'll make them instead and save a pair for earings."
    "That was fun, but certainly didn't do what I was told"
    Bowl of acorns.

  5. ohh i saw this the other day and its super cute! i love the shape!