Saturday, March 19, 2011

Date Stamp Fun!

Nothing lets you mark a date quite like the fun date stamp wrapping paper from paper, plate and plane. All you need is a stamp (which you can totally get at numerous dollar stores), some plain butcher paper and a little imagination. Looks at the fun designs they came up with:

What a great idea! And wonderful for people like me who don't own anything but xmas wrapping. Heck - throw a pom pom in there and you've got a work of art! Maybe I'll even break down and actually do this one too. After all march does have some important birthdays in it! Maybe I can trick leslie into thinking I remembered getting her a gift in time by stamping her bday on their even though she won't get it until weeks after the big day...oops...I guess if she reads this the gig is up. Alas. Belated birthday presents are in this year right?

Oh and in other news - make sure you take a look at the moon tonight! Jim informed me that it will be the closest to earth all year and should be full and spectacular to see. It will probably also cause crazy high tides and unfortunate seismic activity...but it should look neat! Happy moon gazing!


  1. Very cool! I think all date stamp art should be stamped with March 20th, since it's such an important date. So important that no one could forget to mail things (or even, dare I suggest, purchase/make things?) in time for them to arrive by that day...

  2. I love this- sometimes I wrap gifts in whatever paper things come shipped in, but I could DEFINITELY decorate it with some stamps! Cool!

  3. Hey! I have a date stamp AND I have plain paper!