Thursday, March 24, 2011

cozy up with embroidery

Well looks like the big day is quickly approaching (aka tomorrow! oh my!) so I thought I'd share one more product with you before I pack up my storage totes in preparation for the trip to kelowna. After evaluating all of my crafts for the show I feel I have the low price point items covered. Come to think of it, pretty much all my crafty goods are a bargain with an assortment of items under $10! Even though as a buyer I think this is a great thing, as a crafty business it isn't exactly the best practice. In attempt to craft a few higher priced items I decided to remake a few tea cozies for the sale. With my limited time and supplies (our only local fabric store is moving and the shelves are sparse) I decided to make three cozies in the three designs I had for my last show. Take a peek at recreated flowers, love robots, and tea loving yeti:

Hooray! I really love how the tea cozies turned out! So cute and practical! What else could you ask for? I know! A cozy option for non tea drinkers! Can you guess what these are?

Still stumpted? Here's an even bigger hint:

Yay! French press cozies for the coffee lover! I've been wanting to experiment with press covers for some time now and figured I'd test the waters for them at this upcoming show. I only made two of them (making them extra limited edition) in the flower and love robot designs. I really wanted to embroider some new designs I've been brainstorming but after a stressed out discussion with fraser we decided last minute isn't a great time to start trying new patterns that may not work out (way to reason with me fraser!). Now hopefully those two ladies from the last show who wanted me to make coffee press covers for them show up and snag these! If not they may be appearing on etsy. I'm also not entirely sure about pricing for these yet? What do you think? Any suggestions?

Oh! Special news for any of you planning to attend the fabulous finds show this weekend - I've whipped up some little freebies for you blog readers! The first ten people to come find my table and tell me how much you enjoy my blog (well...I hope you enjoy it...) will get an appreciatory present! Hooray! See you then!


  1. Those french press cozies are super cool. I saw felted ones in Haida Gwaii that covered the top of the press as well, which would keep things super hot. I wanted to try making them, but then I moved, and then I got pregnant, and then I had a kid... all of which made it low on my priority list. Plus I only use my bodem a couple of times a month, since I tend to drink espresso rather than pressed coffee more often.

    I think I should get one of your blog reader freebies. There's no way I can come to the craft fair, but I DO read your blog everyday. And I've even written a few posts!

    As for pricing, the FP cozies should be somewhere between the cost of your coffee sleeves and the tea cozies. That way people who want the tea cozies but don't want to shell out have a more mid-range option.

  2. I love the yeti tea cozy. That is, I think, the best thing you have ever crafted. Like, EVER.