Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hipster Bingo

I saw this the other day on man made diy and thought it was pretty amusing - behold - hipster bingo:

Just in case spotting hipsters isn't already funny enough (lindsay and fraser and I once saw one all dolled up by a bus stop in downtown vancouver "reading" some classic novel but actually just posing and trying to look super awesome - which he was failing at) you can make a game out of it! The cards are available on etsy and come with the most amusing instructions:

2. Take out Bingo card.
3. Use found items like change or bottle caps for game pieces. If hipsters are nearby this means you will be able to find plenty of pennies, guitar picks, cigarette butts, mustache combs...
4. PLAY hipster bingo!

Unfortunately I don't see a "fake reading a book" square on there but it the bingo certainly reminds me of that sighting...and how much I wish I took a picture of him! That's it - new goal for 2011 - more photo journalism! How are you doing with your resolutions?


  1. i saw this yesterday on etsy and loved it. the seller is from philly, where i live, and can attest to the fact that i often see hipsters at bars with books.

  2. I wish someone's birthday was coming up so I could buy these for them. These are amazing.

  3. Oh man, we could have used these cards for that trip. Wouldn't a true hipster make their own bingo cards from photos of their friends and members of bands that haven't been named yet?

  4. Hehehe :) That's so funny. I don't remember where I saw it, but I watched a video called Hipster Olympics. It was hilarious! You could probably google it. I saw a Smithers-style hipster the other day... they pretty much look like Dan Mangan, which is actually kind of a cool look, and not very hip. Ah well. Better than the dirty nouveau hippy look that lots of people my age sport in this town - or the ski/snowboard bum buy-all-my-clothes-at-pricey-outdoors-stores look.