Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring has sprung!

I feel like spring is taking its sweet time arriving this year. After being rudely interrupted by the "spring forward" daylight savings time change (which tragically cut an entire hour of crafting away from me) the other day I was convinced that it was prematurely getting me excited for warmer weather! After all, there is still snow on the mountains and we keep getting cold snaps. Ick! But apparently my front flower bed is getting ready for spring since the bulbs I planted in the fall are peeking up:

Oh lovely! I actually had a pretty hard time getting a picture that didn't show the plethora of awful weeds that garden has. I redid the entire bed when we moved in and thought I had the dreaded grass and morning glory under control. No such luck. Tons of the plants I put in don't seem to have made it through the winter and instead the garden is covered with weeds! Ack! I'll have to put a few more hours into trying to get it back to par after my craft show. I'm also sort of thinking I will just buy a ton of sweet pea and nasturtium seeds to take over the bed and (hopefully) drown out/conceal all the blasted weeds. Eugh. And if it wasn't obvious that my green thumb isn't fully developed check out my balding ficus bob:

Hahaha. I think that plants looks so pathetic (especially compared to how lush he was when I got him - link). He was originally over by the door until I found out ficus's don't tolerate cold bursts or change that well. As soon as our xmas tree came down I put him in the corner with the blinds cracked for ample filtered sunlight. He lost leaves like crazy for quite and while and now that fraser and I mist him twice a day and I feed him my leftover tea he seems to be on the mend. I only found two leaves that had fallen off this week and there are even wee ones sprouting up:

Hooray! Hopefully the mystery bulbs mom gave me survive long enough to bloom and I can officially declare my plant woes behind me! Any other gardeners out there? How about indoor plant enthusiasts? Any tips for me and balding bob?


  1. My ficus is 12 years old and goes bald occasionally, only to bounce back. I just cut off the branches with no leaves on them and go from there. I still can't believe you're enhancing your landlord's property for free! I think you should get money off the rent for all the gardening you're doing... or take it all with you when you move - in the summer, right?

  2. FYI- Morning Glory seeds can survive in the soil for up to 50 years, so don't be too heartbroken if you don't manage to get it under control!!
    We have an unidentified tropical plant in our house that is dropping leaves by the minute, but it does keep shooting up new ones!

  3. I adopted a plant when a coworker left in the fall. It has done really well. But I only water it with filtered water. Also, I pet and admire it daily. For serious.