Wednesday, March 30, 2011

monday morning crafting

After my all too exhausting weekend I decided to whip up a quick craft this past monday. After finishing it I realized what a gigantic mess I'd made and thought I'd take a picture of it. Can you guess what my craft was?

No? I'll give you some hints - it involved the only pink yarn I could find (cotton stuff), some crafting tools smuggled across the border, and my new fantastically wonderful "recommended by the arthritis association" crafting scissors! Still guessing? Ok - probably not at this point...I'm not very sneaky and my crafts are fairly predictable...but here is another hint just in case:

So the cotton threw the texture off a bit.....but I'm sure you guessed it by now! Pom poms on sticks!

Hooray! A lovely pink bouquet of pom pom flowers for lindsay's bday! Perfectly matching her cute craft room in her fabulous apartment and certainly not at all saying "you've hit your mid 20's!" I've been wanting to make pom poms with my clover pom pom makers ever since I got them after xmas but boy craft show completely hogged all my spare time (darn that show!) I had plans to pom it up on the 27th (the day after the show was over and the day before lindsay's bday) but apparently my body would only let me sleep that day so they had to wait for monday. My verdicts on the craft project (list time!):

1) clover pom pom makers are the bomb (do people still say that?)

2) making cotton pom poms is sort of odd...they totally look like bath mat pom poms to me...

3) my new spring loaded crafting scissors are amazing on the hands! The arthritis association didn't lie - those babies are worth the investment!

4) I don't think our landlords have ever pruned the unruly trees in our front yard - making them ideal pom pom stem candidates!


5) I'm still totally in love with pom poms!

Yay! What a fun project and I'm glad you played along with my guessing (ok - lame attempt at guessing) game! What do you think? Are you going to make a pom bouquet? OoOOo! What should our next pom pom project be?


  1. They just LOVE spending time next to my framed page from Miss Rumphius (The Lupin Lady).

  2. I love the Lupin Lady! That's a gorgeous book. As for people still calling things "the bomb," don't ask me; I'm 30 and clearly can't be trusted regarding such matters.

    I don't think the cotton texture looks weird at all. They turned out quite nicely. You can use the leftovers to make a pompom garland for Jean's room! Or we could do it together when I come visit.

    One final comment: when I your first list item, "clover pom pom makers are the bomb" I thought "clover" actually said "clever", making me think that you were calling yourself "the bomb" and clever in the same sentence! Hahaha! I think I inherited my creative reading skills from Mom.

  3. Speaking of slang, when I was watching The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (from 1946) they used the term "no dice". Perhaps "the bomb" isn't currently in use by the young folk, but I'd say you are just 50 years ahead of your time.

  4. I won't comment on the current slag words as I am out of the loop! Love the pom poms, I used to make cardboard pom pom makers but they would pale in comparison to your pom pom maker! Mom