Saturday, March 12, 2011

vegan moroccan chickpeas

Whenever I am given a new recipe to try out I almost always make modifications while I'm preparing it. Sometimes it is because I am missing one of the ingredients or really want to use up a bit of something in the fridge, and other times it is because I have over confidence in knowing what will appeal most to my taste buds. One recipe I did a major overhaul on was jocelyn's "vegan moroccan chickpeas." And even though sometimes my modifications are beyond awful, I'm pleased to say I actually really liked how this dish turned out. And since I'm always on the lookout for fun recipes that:

1) are super easy
2) use up ingredients I already have in my pantry
3) involve chickpeas! yum!
4) are gluten free (much more difficult than you'd think)!

So since I managed to take a picture of the meal (fitting quite well with my goal to take more pictures in 2011) I thought I'd share the recipe with you (complete with my modifications). It even looks exciting take a peek:


1 can chickpeas (rinsed and drained)
1 can tomatoes
1/2 cup diced onions (I used half a red onion)
2 cloves minced garlic (I added like 6 cloves...I like garlic...)
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp coriander
1 tbsp cumin (I didn't have any ground cumin so I added a ton of cumin seeds)
1/2 tbsp ginger (I used fresh stuff)
3/4 cup veggie broth
salt and pepper

How to prepare:

-saute garlic and onion in oil @ medium heat for 2 minutes, stir in spices and cook until onions are tender
- add chickpeas, broth, and tomatoes and bring to a boil
- cover and simmer 10 minutes
- I then added a can of green beans, some crushed chili peppers, more cumin, a dash of caraway seed, the half package of frozen carrots/beans/broccoli flower I had, and 4 cups of cooked brown basmati rice (I actually put the rice on before starting the chickpea dish and my rice cooker was done right in time to mix it all together)!

The verdict? Delish! I may have gone a little overboard on the chilies (it had a bit of kick to it) but overall I would totally make this again! It made enough for dinner for me and 4 more dishes to take to work for lunches (I enjoy mass cooking for the work week). It also left me with very few dishes to do (just the chopping block, a few measuring tools, the pan, and the rice cooker) which is always an added bonus to any meal preparation! Just check out that tidy "only using one burner" dinner:

Okay - so I really wanted to include a picture of my russian doll measuring cups to show lisa (she just bought some the other day and was saying how they are too cute to put in a drawer), but the simple cleaning is just another added bonus to the dish. So what do you think? Do you modify all your recipes like I do? Have any trade secrets or wonderful chickpea/gluten free dishes to share with me? Inquiring minds (well...mind...) want to know!


  1. That does look yummy, though I have to say that pictures of real food always look a little icky - I guess that's why they use fake food in most ads and commercials. Have you ever seen an ad made with photos of real food? Ick!

    As for good recipes, I am the queen of making it up as I go, and I don't think I've ever made something that either Neal or I don't like. Sometimes I don't like it, and he does (like it's too flavourful for me or something) and sometimes it's the other way around (like it doesn't have enough dead animal in it or something). Heheh

    You should look for Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian at the library. It's filled with awesome bean dishes. I got it from the library once and after copying out like 20 recipes, I finally bought it in soft cover. Totally worth it! The Nigerian Baked Beans (peanutty goodness) are AMAZING. And just last night for dinner I had Moroccan Chickpea soup for dinner. It was delish!

  2. I do that all the time. Sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's a miss. A few days ago, it was definitely a miss - we were making fish and chips, and we decided on a whim to roll the battered fish in corn flakes and almonds. That was a mistake, but I think it was because the temp on the oil was to hot for that.

    Your meal looks amazing.... of course, I'd make modifications to that! Which is kind of the point of this blog post! Were I doing it, I'd up the garlic (I love garlic too), drop the coriander, add some lentils, and I'd probably add some chili peppers whole.

    And next time you're in Vic, remind me to make you some of my vegan chili. You'd love it, and I'm pretty sure it's gluten free (I'll have to check, but it's just veggies).

  3. Yum! this sounds really tasty. I always modify everything too, mostly to add more veggies, more spices, and because I never have EVERYTHING I need to make something.
    Those russian dolls are really cool!

  4. That looks really tasty! My modifications sound like Meri's - more vegetables, more spices, and things to make up for what I'm missing. And garlic! I add garlic to soooo many recipes, mainly because I think if you're starting a meal by cooking onion and garlic, it's bound to be good ^_^ And your dolls look lovely too!