Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crafting continues...

As you may recall, I managed to restock a whole whack of anthropomorphized cute mirrors this winter in preparation for my fabulous finds show at the end of this month. My mirrors have always been a hit at craft shows for me and this time around I've tried to restock based on the popularity of my illustrated designs:

Now all that was left was making 120 felt cases for them all! And boy what a daunting task that was. Luckily lindsay (all star craft helper) saved the day with a grocery bag full of dvds (I'm now addicted to "the big bang theory", "the tudors", "bones", and pretty much every katharine hepburn movie ever made) and her mad pinking shear cutting skills! Throw in quite a few hours plopped in front of the tv (watching all those dvds I just mentioned) and voila! Loads of felt pocket mirror cases:

I decided to go for some bright spring and muted neutral felt colours to give customers a variety of choices to pick with their mirrors. In my experience the pocket mirrors are usually drooled over by little girls so I was sure to make lots of pink cases this time too (pink and girls may be a stereotype, but it's a stereotype for a reason! They love them!). Oh and if you aren't able to come to the show in person (since the internet is worldwide and kelowna is not), you can always send me a message and I can set up a reserved listing for your mirror and case of choice! Fun! Which one is your favourite? What colour case do you think will be the first to go?


  1. People born in March are awesome. Lindsay was born in March. Ergo, Lindsay is awesome. I've been reading about syllogisms, awesome, eh? Just like people born in March! Hehehe

    I like pink too, but I like turquoise more. I really want a steggie mirror. Hint. Only a couple more weeks until your show - are you all ready this time instead of scrambling? I hope so!

    PS: Do you know why whenever I try to leave a comment blogger tells me it's failed, but if I hit the back arrow, I'm suddenly signed in and able to leave a comment? Oh, and it erases my comment in the middle of this, so I have to copy my own comment and paste. Lame? Yes!

  2. Your designs are so cute! I love the robots :)

  3. There are so many to choose from! I think I like the scientist best ( I can't spell his name and an too lazy to look it up). Oh, and for a cover I like navy. Mom
    PS I often have to cut and paste my comment!

  4. I am loving the fushia and I'm a girl. That is one stereo type I'm happy to personify.