Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Find: frank and gertrude forest

This week's find is etsy's frank and gertrude forest who wonderfully combine my love for hand drawn illustrations and woodsy goods. Their shop sells an assortment of paper goods as well as some charming shrink plastic accessories. Take a peek at a few I'm drooling over:

I think the bear products are my favourites but their perpetual calender would be awesome to help you keep track of important dates and birthdays! So much fun! They also really make me want to make my own illustrated shrink plastic earrings and brooches (I'll add that to my list of post craft show to do's). What is your favourite item?


  1. Shrinky-dink! I totally want to make some jewelry out of that stuff too! Where can you get it? Probably not in my town, eh? Boooo. I like the perpetual calendar too. I should really get around to buying one of those sometime in the near future.

  2. I will be predictable I like the owls! I like shrinky-dink too. Mom