Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Additions!

With the holidays peeking right around the corner I am proud to say my hunt for a tiny fake xmas tree is over! Thanks to the keen shopping eye of my mother I got a lovely little 3 foot tree! I even put some little white lights on it:

Can you believe that is 135 lights? I bought a string of 35 a while back hoping to find a tree then figured it probably wasn't enough and the only other box of indoor white lights with green strings they had was a 100 pack. So 135 it is and it looks glorious! I especially love how the tree looks sitting on the doily wendy gave me:

What fun! OooOoo it looks awesome in the dark too:

Hooray for xmas cheer! Now all I need to do is decorate it, which as it turns out, has been quite the battle. I first decided to make pom pom ornaments for it but they looked awful. Sure pom poms are great, but not on that tree. They were too small and not shiny enough to really stand out. Boo. Then I decided to make those gold leafed acorns I talked about a few days ago but wood acorns are no where to be found in kamloops! Ack! So I put the one giant blue round ornament on there that my mom gave me one year and that is about it (not shown in images above - but trust is sad). I'll update when I finally get decorations!

And I figured since we were on the discussion of new additions to my house I'd share a few other items I am so very excited about. First on the list? Meet bob! My new ficus:

With a lovely home next to my stripey love seat I am hoping I somehow manage not to kill him....but only time will tell on that one. My sister has a giant ficus and when I saw him (at the plant store where I got my fake tree) I decided he was destined to come home with me! Oh...and then get a name (because all ficuses need names right?)

Next on the additions? Xmas cactus:

Another living room addition I've been wanting for ages! With blooms on the horizon! Woo! Last of the new items is a floor mat:

Seriously overdue with the sloppy wet weather we've been having and our "don't get wet" laminate floors. Fraser brought this one home with him and I think it is just perfect for our winter entryway! I am still planning to finish that tshirt rag rug I've been talking about on and off since august, but this one is perfect for the meantime and this way my hours of crocheting (and re-crocheting - seriously I've remade that thing like 4 times now...) won't get mucked up as quickly! Hooray! How is your december decorating going?

In other news - I'm hosting a house warming/kate party (like a tupperware party but instead of plastic storage containers I'm selling my crafts) tomorrow afternoon! Quite a few work mates have been dying for me to set up a table of goodies they can xmas shop from and I figured it was a perfect opportunity to tie it into a belated (very belated...we moved in september) house warming too! We'll see how it turns out but it will give me an excuse to finally take some pics of the rental to share with you. Wish me luck! Oh and if you're in town send me a message and I'll send you the details so you can pop by too! Yay!


  1. excellent idea and I hope you sell sell sell!

  2. Your pictures are great but there wasn't a picture of your yeti. Mom

  3. Hope your housewarming turns out well! And I'm kind of jealous of your tree - I'll be posting pics of mine sometime next week, now that I have that adaptor - it looks very "charlie brown" in comparison to yours. :)