Thursday, April 1, 2010


My goodness time seems to be flying! I'm sure I say this every month but blogging really reminds me just how quickly the months seem to pass! I mean April? Already? Whew! But you know what that means? Spring! Warmer weather! Being able to walk outside barefoot! Yay! It also means it's time for a new kittens inspired my kittens inspired calender page:

I must say little stripey orange and gray kitties are my favourite types of kitties making this month all the more promising. I've even got some newly revised heath goals as warmer weather trends towards less clothing (well...usually...unless you're me and always cold...) so here's to a month of good choices, backyard yoga, and some immune system boosting vitamins!

It's also time for more musical wonderment, as indicated by my sparkly new april playlist. This month's picks were inspired by the awesome indie folk concerts and albums I experienced in march. I'm also aiming to finally purchase a banjo and start my toe tapping twangy journey! (I actually had a day picked out last month to go instrument shopping with a musicial friend of mine but ended up with that rough spout of extreme illness and had to rain cheque. Rats!). One more musical goal? Finally learn the awesome dance moves from tegan & sara's alligator video. Behold:

Come on lucas! I'm sure we can do it this month! Maybe we could even make some lightweight spring snowsuit/wooly scarf-esque outfits to match! Or not...but I'm sure we can learn the dance moves, which I'm sure will come in handy in almost all social occasions...seriously...

*Update - I recommend this wonderful april desktop too!


  1. Hooray for White Rabbit Day. Have you ever searched L.S.E. on CBCR3 and found nothing? That is because thier name is actually ESL, but my tricky itunes reversed their name. April Fools?

  2. That is odd Linds - but when I went to go change it in itunes I noticed that it says it is composed by "E.S.L"? Bizarre (but not the good thursday night kind)

  3. Yeah, I think I tried fixing it and then gave up?I couldn't figure out when there was a good, bizare thursday night...awkward...6 beards!

  4. I couldn't watch the video because it's been withdrawn due to copyright infringement or something.

    Walking outside barefoot is pretty good. So is napping on the couch -- or even better -- on the backyard swing!

  5. my kitty should be on a calendar too :p

  6. I'd love to get your adorable gray cat together with my adorable orange cat...but I think Percy might eat yours. Would make for a good calender thought right?