Saturday, April 24, 2010

i heart buttons

Poppytalk's photostream (on flickr) is a world of inspiration. I love sifting through their albums of beautifully photographed imagery dreaming about recreating all their rad projects. One such project I'm quite fond of this framed pinback button heart:

What a sweet idea! I love how bright and colourful it is and what a great conversation piece it could be! I know all my buttons have little stories (much like amy browne's magnets) and you could be pleasantly reminded of all those good memories each time you passed this piece in the hall! The only problem for me would be deciding which buttons to use from my massive collection (believe me - I've been collecting pinback buttons forever). It also conveniently provides yet another use for my scientific culture pinback buttons! Hooray! Now to wait for a micheal's coupon to arrive so I can frugally buy a white shadow box frame...


  1. this makes me happy

  2. There is a Michael's coupon in the fridge right now! It is due today so you have better shake you tail feathers! Hey, that goes well with your nickname. Mom

  3. Wow! This is really exciting! On my blog roll just before yours is this:

    Lots of buttons and hearts!

  4. I think I have to make this! It's great!

  5. I think it would be really effective if it wasn't a heart too -- like if you just filled up the shadow box.