Monday, December 6, 2010

Kelowna Sales Update

It is so exciting for me to know that things I've lovingly handcrafted are for sale in the real world. Sure etsy sales still light up my life with emails that feel like virtual high fives of awesomeness (since people like my goods enough to shell out hard earned money for them), but stepping into the world of consignment is also quite thrilling. It sort of adds an element of mystery to selling since I don't actually know what is selling or to whom! Then at the end of the month I get a wonderful cheque in the mail tallying up the sales with very little effort on my part (after all, I just dropped stuff off!) What fun! It also allows me to have lovely moments with complete strangers I see wearing my stuff (which has happened to me now at work, at the post office, and downtown!) Woo!

It is also pretty awesome to see my items displayed in super cool shop and my trip to kelowna a while back gave me the opportunity to document it! Check out my table of goodies at the super rad shop "funktional":

Heck! Those bags, brooches, and earrings look quite at home in the back of chantel's shop! Oh! And I love the three tiered plate display thing. Such a good idea and a great opportunity to add some height and interest into their set up (I totally want to keep my eyes peeled for one for my next craft show)! And since they've been selling to well I ended up paying for my funktional xmas shopping with my revenues! Awesome!

And while I was in town I got to drop off another item I've been crafting away on all of last month - felt mustaches:

Yup! They were a huge hit at the fabulous finds craft show and kaela was dying to have them in her awesome shop over the holidays. They ended up taking me a little longer than I had hoped (mostly because I really wanted to make a ton of them so she'd have stock for a while) but I did it and my mustaches on sticks are now available at the super rad boutique "frock":

And hey! It's conveniently located right around the corner from funktional so next time you're in for some kate goods without the added shipping/waiting ordeal just pop on by! Kaela has informed me that they are selling like hotcakes too! Sweet! And if I wasn't sold on consigning to frock before, I certainly was after seeing all the doilies in her front window:

Perfect! It also really makes me want to open my own store in town here since kamloops is sorely lacking in the "completely awesome shop" front. *Sigh* maybe one day...for now I'll just focus on crafting...


  1. I love the three tiered display. I have been after a cake stand for my craft fairs for ages. They have a beautiful blue spotty one in Laura Ashley in town but it is so expensive I am not quite sure I can justify that level of prettiness just to put my things on...

  2. You know you can make those three tiered stands, right? get the epoxy we need to go thrift shopping (with Wendy)!

  3. Hurray for Kate! Everything is looking up, Mom

  4. I love the idea of virtual high fives. I'm sending you one right now!