Sunday, December 5, 2010

Giant Granny Square

I came across this gorgeous giant granny square throw over on purl bee's crocheted gifts for the holiday's post. It may be a little late for me to whip up one of these (unless time magically stops for a few weeks) but I just love the colour combination:

And since I already know how to make granny squares this would be a sinch! I don't exactly have a strong history of being able to finish large crochet projects (like that rag rug I've been working on since august...) but this one could be different! Plus it is just one big piece making it much easier than the granny square blanket I attempted back in 2005. Now to keep my eyes peeled for warm muted rainbow yarn (preferably on sale) and get hooking! Any other takers?


  1. I made a granny square blanket once and sewing all the squares together was a pain. I wonder where it is now? I bet it's in the basement where all thing go but never return!

  2. I remember that blanket! It smelled funny.

    What is supposed to magically stop? Time?

    I wonder what this blanket looks like full size? You'd certainly need nice wool for it to turn out, since it's such a simple pattern. Have you looked online at places like Lion Brand? I don't know about their prices, but I like their newsletter with free patterns.