Wednesday, December 29, 2010

linen kitty coasters

If you're craving a little more craftiness for your post xmas/pre new years spare time take a moment to check out the super adorable linen kitty coasters tutorial on modcloth:

And you must know how much I love linen and items that protect your furnature and cats for that matter! Heck, I'm the epitome of a cat-less crazy cat lady! What a perfect project! All you need is a little sewing skill, some charming fabrics and time! Maybe I can incorporate this into one of our introductory crafting sessions with the girls from work (who've all resolved to make 2011 more handmade and crafty)! Fun! What do you think?


  1. May be that would be easier than the owl pot holder I still have to finish for you. Mom

  2. hmmm I'm not one for making crafts but I sure would buy one of them! I love cats! How cute!!!