Thursday, December 23, 2010

More time for felt!

With xmas right around the corner (seriously - how did it sneak up so quickly?) I thought I'd share a few fun felt crafts I've been oogling but most definitely did not find time for...

Craft #1 - Felt Snowflakes:

The purl bee does it again with yet another amazingly awesome tutorial. I really love how simple these ornaments look to make and the bright red colour! I doubt these would be much use on my tiny little fake tree but would be absolutely perfect for a larger cut one! Just look at how big they are! They'd fill in all those charlie brown holes wonderfully!

Craft # 2 - Felt Pinecones:

This craft comes from family circle under their "easy felt crafts" section. I'm not entire sure these would be that easy to execute but who doesn't love pinecone decorations? And felt is my favourite media to work with...hmm...maybe I will have to make these in brown and avoid their association with xmas altogether! After all I do have felted acorns hanging in my kitchen - maybe earl the squirrel would like some pinecone friends too!

Craft #3 - Felt misletoe hairpin:

This wonderful tutorial comes from matsutake and is perfect for anyone requiring an excuse to get extra kisses! I really like the olive green felt she uses for her pin and I'm sure on the right person this pin would be wonderful! I think I'd be more tempted to make this one into a brooch for myself, but I pretty much fan out of time for the year anyways...

Maybe some of you out there are already on vacation and up for a last minute felt craft or two (and if you are I'm oozing with jealousy) but I'll have to save these for next year! Rats!


  1. Who has time to craft! I am still wrapping presents! Why do I buy so many? Maybe because I love Christmas. Mom

  2. These are adorable crafts. I may do some of these for NEXT Christmas! So cool!

  3. Pine cones!! I would have never thought of something like that for a felt project! Love it!!!

  4. ooooh i'm with you- definitely running out of time but I can't stop gazing at these and wanting to make them!
    I love felt... maybe next year? I also have only a teeny tiny fake tree.
    I love your blog!