Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Additions Update

Well apparently it didn't take me very long to get to decorating that tree so I thought I might as well update you right away! I decided a tree with lights and one big blue ornament was just too sad to have on display at my housewarming/kate party that is happening today so I gave in and bought some ornaments to tide me over until I find time to craft some! Hooray! Open 24hr stores to the rescue! Behold:

For a mere $14 I got myself some red bells (shiny and matte) as well as a plethora of little glass balls (in an assortment of blues and silvers)! What fun! And hey, I've even got enough of those glass ornaments left over to decorate another 6 trees! (Funny how the only ornaments I liked came in a 100 pack...) But such an improvement from that one giant ball I had before. In fact I still think he looks a little over-sized for the tree, but I wasn't up for hurting his feelings and demoting him:

I think the tree topper is my favourite part of our tree this year! Fraser was the one who thought of the brilliant idea of putting one of the felt yeti finger puppets I made a few years ago on there and he looks right at home:

Just check out that toothy grin! Hehe! Man I love xmas decorations with personality! The gimpier and more handmade the better if you ask me! Oh! And xmas cactus got a new home as well:

Goodbye shiny paper wrapping and hello ikea pea green pot! The living space is really starting to come together! What do you think of the new improvements?


  1. Very cute! Love the tree-topper :)
    We just had a Christmas/housewarming party (well, apartment), too! It was our motivation for getting unpacked and decorated in 2 weeks.

  2. It's hard to comment on the space when all we see is a little teeny portion of it. We need pics from farther back!

    A 100 pack?!?! Obscene! Must be Wal-Mart!

    Yeti is cute, but putting a finger puppet on top kind of makes it feel like the tree is flipping me the bird! Hope your buy my stuff, bitches party is going well! Call me later and tell me alls abouts its!

  3. I love the yeti tree topper. He's perfect!