Tuesday, December 28, 2010

eye spy

Do you ever read a magazine or blog post and get overwhelmingly excited when you see something in an article that you own? I certainly do! It's like the world is telling me that I am extra awesome by being on top of the trends! Well, the other day I was reading an article on winter greens over at poppytalk's blog when I spotted an ornament that I just happened to pick up this winter in kelowna. Let's take a look at the images:

Wait a minute...back that up. Is it true? Let's take a peek at that owl again:

Why yes! It is true! Cute little owl I found at funktional and is currently chilling out on the side of my tree:

He may not be the easiest bird to spot (I did that on purpose since I bought my mom the exact same ornament for xmas and didn't want to spoil the surprise prior to the big day). Let me point him out in case you missed him:

There he is! Hooray! I hope this means that I'm just as awesome as all the ladies over at poppytalk. Oh and house and home magazine (where the images originated)! What fun! Anyone else rejoice when they own something moderately famous?


  1. This is sort of like the time that Grace from Will and Grace was wearing a shirt I had just bought (a fairly distinct shirt with, coincidentally, an owl on it!) on an episode. This was when the show was still on prime time and fairly popular. I felt like queen for a day haha.

  2. I recognized my owl in your blob before you talked about it. You certainly had it well hidden on you tree. Mom

  3. Yes actually! My sister gave me a set of skeleton key measuring spoons this year for Christmas. Later on that day, we were flipping through the most recent Country Living magazine and lo and behold - There they were! It was pretty awesome :)