Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deep Cove

Oh the way home from my last trip to vancouver I had the great pleasure of stopping by the most wondrous little nook in north vancouver called deep cove. It was like walking into a tiny village tucked away from all the hustle and bustle with a charming park, some quaint homes, and a harbor. Even if it was rainy out it was still lovely, take a peek:

Deep cove also boasts an exclusive yacht club and some super ritzy shacks, but it is also the home of the most fantastic shop - room 6! I've come across room 6's awesome website before (hence the detour to deep cove) and it certainly didn't disapoint! In fact, I loved pretty much everything about room 6 and would be content just moving in and sleeping under the counter! Check out their entrance:

Oh my it was awesome! If I were ever to open a shop I would certainly want it to live up to room 6's standards! It was tempting to buy out the entire shop but a tight budget lingering over me that wasn't about to happen. I did manage to pick up a select few things which I am very content with. My favourite purchase is now hanging above my kitchen sink:

Isn't he cute? His name is earl the squirrel and he is made of felt! I bought a few felt acorns to hang out with him since he is a squirrel after all (and earl likes acorns). They had a whole bunch of the acorns hanging in the window display at the shop and I just had to give in! Plus I figure earl can help me do the dishes too! Here is a close up of him:

Oh earl! He is also really enjoying the white xmas lights I put up a few days ago too and I love how friendly he makes the kitchen of our place! What fun! It does sort of make me feel like I am becoming the most peculiar interior decorator (who decorates with hanging squirrels?) but that's ok. I love him! Maybe wool felted kitchen ornaments will be the new crafty trend of 2011? What do you think?

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  1. Duke, duke, duke, Duke of Earl...

    Nice nuts!

    Also, I'm sure those are million dollar quaint homes and bazillion dollar ritzy homes. Did you really go all the way to Deep Cove just for this store? Dedication!