Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like xmas!

With only 3 days left until xmas I'm happy to say I'm actually pretty prepared! My goal to avoid last minute shopping has come true and my living room is full of xmas cheer:

Woo! I'm pleased with how all the wrapping turned out (took me an entire evening) and even if it isn't quite the handmade parcels I was aiming for, they do look crafty with all the knit sweater paper I used:

I also decided since I don't own all that much in the ways of wrapping supplies I'd make it a year for bows and reuse all the wonderful bows I saved from fraser's family xmas last sunday:

I even purchased a few (like those gold ribbon-y frilly ones) to add even more bow sparkle! Hooray! And since we're on the topic of shiny gold things take a peek at the cute gold birds I bought the other day with my mom (as inspired by lindsay's sweet budget xmas decor):

Aren't they sweet on their doily? I was contemplating getting the off white porcelain ones instead but decided the gold was much more festive and it would be nice to just bring them out over the holidays. Now I just need to wait for my sister to arrive so we can finish up the stocking stuff and I'll be set for the 25th! How are your preparations coming along? Anyone do any neat wrapping this year?


  1. Wrapping???? I have one gift wrapped so far but I plan on hitting the sheets (of wrapping paper) today. I go for wrapped not beautiful like yours, Kate. I still have baking to do too. But there is method to my baking madness.... your dad can't eat what isn't there. Mom

  2. We both went for a knit wrapping paper Christmas? who would have thought.