Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wrap it up.

With xmas right around the corner the internet has been oozing with amazing gift wrapping ideas! I thought I'd share my favourite three with you just in case you're lacking inspiration. First up? The vintage inspired (and awesomely photographed) ideas from thompson family-life:

Just goes to show you that those scalloped boarders teachers use on bulletin boards are multipurpose! I love the fun colours and patterns! Oh and if these aren't your style, not to worry, they've got loads of other wrapping ideas on their blog post.

Second on my list is the charming red paper snowflake design from nice package:

After further inspection it turns out this tutorial is actually from how about orange (another blog I often refer back to) but man it is neat! I totally want to experiment with fun coloured paper snowflakes too! Check out the garland they made with some paper, scissors, and dental floss:

Finally we've got a video tutorial my sister linked me to using yarn for your wrapping:

Cool! I really like the pom pom (obviously) and woven yarn ones best. Now all I need to do is decide which wrapping method I like best (or a combination of multiple?) to make my gift exchange present extra desirable for the staff xmas party tonight! What do you think?


  1. At the rate I am going you will be lucky if there is any paper on my gifts. Maybe I can talk your Dad into wrapping. HA HA HA! Mom

  2. Dad's way of wrapping is to leave the presents under Kate's pillow. What will he do this year???

    Nice snowflakes! I'm amazed at how different they all are - makes me want to bust out some snips!

  3. I love seeing all the different snowflakes but what I need is the patterns to actually make them :)