Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cone-iferous Advent Calendar

I found this amazing advent calendar after browsing on the internet for a while and although it might be a little late, I still love it! Too bad I didn't come across this earlier and make everyone a cone-iferous forest of awesome:

Such a sweet idea! And super easy too! Just need to get my hands on tons of green paper and some fun advent like prizes! OOoo! Maybe next year? Man, I love advent calendars! And unlike one certain sister of mine I am able to hold off on present opening for added anticipation and fun! Have any of you ever put together a fun advent calendar before?


  1. When have I ever opened a present early? For this insult, I am not awesoming your post today.

    (I still like your punny title, but grrrrrr.)

  2. Waiting and trying to guess what is in it is half of the fun. Hey look at that four two letter words in a row!! Mom

  3. I think my mom made me an advent calendar once...I don't remember it exactly...maybe I'm thinking of her home made Christmas crackers with customised presents (like a dolphin ring [ahhh, 1997]).