Monday, December 13, 2010

Kate Party Mini Tour!

I had a fabulous time at my housewarming/kate party yesterday and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give all of you that couldn't attend a nice little peek at how things went (and some shots of my house - finally)! Woo! Let the mini tour commence!

*Knock knock*! We'll start out at the front door:

Come on in! Not much storage space for the winter essentials but that's what you seem to get in older houses. I usually have the coat hooks filled with reusable shopping bags (to grab and take to the store) and some coats but I cleared it out for guests to use! Mat is doing a great job keeping my entry muck free and bob (my friendly ficus) is keeping the shoe rack guarded safely! Next let's peek at the rest of the living room:

The living space is pretty simple but I really like it. After touring too many dingy rentals with super disguising carpets I was so happy to end up with this house and it's wonderfully clean laminate! Yay! It's nice to have that ikea bookcase with the wicker baskets to tuck away any loose crafting projects to make the place seem ultra tidy too! Oh and I still love our xmas tree! I wonder if fraser will let me keep it up year round....probably not...alas. The main bedroom is off the living area and is super tiny. It pretty much just squeaks in our bed, some side tables, my dresser and a mirror. It is not very photogenic so we'll move onto the kitchen next:

Oh hello enormous kitchen! You're so bright and cheery! And what's this where the kitchen table should be? Oh! A table of kate's crafty goods for your xmas shopping pleasure:

It was actually a little bit of a challenge fitting all my items on our table so I added a little side table add at the end of it to get all those clutches and pouches in there! It was a ton of fun to let my friends come over and buy things too! Thanks everyone!

Now as for the rest of the mini tour, let's check out another angle of the kitchen:

There is earl watching over the festivities! Notice my ample set up ready for your hydration! I even made some treats to go with our tea:

Mmm! Sugar and spice cookies from a recipe my mom got out of a mystery novel, cranberry bliss bar (thanks sbux) and some woodland sugar cookies! Those funny looking heart sort of ones have that slit so it can sit on the rim of your tea cup for added cookie convenience. Apparently I'm used to feeding friends like jim and not my female friends so I prepared way too many treats. Oh well. Better too many than not enough!

Fraser's hobby room and the washroom are off the kitchen (on the same wall as my kate party craft table) and much like the bedroom suffered a picture-less fate. At the end of the kitchen is the hallway with our laundry area and back door:

Perfect for excess coat and banjo storage. The back door opens onto a tiny deck and staircase to the backyard. There is even a pretty sweet view of the mountains from back there (link)! If you turn back around you get a glimpse at my most wondrous crafting nook (where I'm sitting right now typing this blog post!):

The whole wall behind my computer desk is open shelving perfect for all my crafting bits and bobs and the double windows is great for natural crafting light! I'm hoping to put up all those art pieces one of these days but for now they're just sitting on the shelves. Whew! I guess that's pretty much it for our house. I've still got a long list of improvements I'd like to make (like that embroidery hoop art project) but I'll save those for spare time in the new year! In the meantime fraser and I are really enjoying living here and after the roaring feedback from the housewarming I'd love to host a few more get-togethers here soon! Perhaps crafting or games nights? A wine and cheese party even? The options are limitless! What do you think of the place?


  1. Aw, so cute! Thanks for sharing your home with us :)

  2. Ah, that delicious new home feel...
    And those glorious mountains...!

    I love it that your mom got the recipe from a mystery novel. :D

  3. Pretty swanky! I like the bookshelf and couch! Also, I think those cookies for hooking on your teacup look a little like camel-toe cookies. Hahaha. Gross.